Celebrating 100 Years of Bauhaus





Intro In 2019 the Bauhaus is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Founded in Weimar in 1919, it was a school of ideas and a playground for experimenting in the fields of art, design, architecture and educational methods.

On the occasion of the centenary many events are taking place in the three cities where the Bauhaus resided (Weimar, Dessau and Berlin) and throughout Germany. Weimar, being the place of its foundation, and notably the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar are participating with a comprehensive program of exhibitions, festivals, lectures, conferences and much more.


Design To give the anniversary year a coherent design, a visual identity has been created. The design is based on a black-and-white aesthetic with pops of color interspersed in between. A strong and clean typography makes for a distinct look. The style is bold yet reduced, typographical yet pictorial.


Website Starting off with three words, which are changing with each visit, the website welcomes its users. Targeting visitors and locals alike, the website is one of the main sources of information about the centenary activities and events at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. It informs, keeps you updated and gives insight into life on campus during the anniversary year.









Media and merchandise Various media like posters, flyers, publications and merchandise have been created during the anniversary year. Here are examples of merchandising products like tote bags, t-shirts and pens.







Type Bauhaus100 centenary communication
Client Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. All media have been created together with the university communications team.
My role website content and implementation, graphics, merchandise
Visual identity designHappy Little Accidents
Website developmentTritum
Year 2017 - 2019