Certainty and Irritation

On the Construction of Reality in the Digital Age



Intro The world is everyhing that is the case. – With this quote from Ludwig Wittgenstein starts this investigation on the age-old philosophical question about the matter of reality. How can we know what we know? This question is especially vital in our digital age. With the recent upheaval of the very notion of reality, the essay tries to approach this topic by tracing our understanding of reality from the past to the present, from our senses with which we perceive this world, to our brain with which these perceptions are processed and an understanding of the world around us is created. Now, technology comes into the picture: does the interaction with technology change our perception – and thus change us?














Type essay (until now only available in german)
Role research
Topics media theory, philosophy, cognitive science, artificial intelligence
Client university project (bachelor thesis)
Year 2017